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Baptising Baby Chickens by KraftyKat
This little ditty is a hoot.

Back when I was a little rascal I would love to be able to go to the Piney River Baptising on Sunday morning.  If  my Mom and Dad and us kids got up there in time near Lovingston, Va we would swing by and see what was happening down by the river. 

It just so happened that on this Sunday the preacher had a lot of folks down there in the evening and he was saving soles.  Being baptist we all new that is what we had to do when we got old enough to know all about God.

So my Daddy pulled over on the side of the road and we watched and he explained about putting the heads under water and I could hear the preacher saying "I Baptist you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost and down they would go.

After a while we left and headed on up the mountain to Grandma's and Granddaddy's place.  Out back she had an old barrell that she let fill up with rain water to do some of her washing in and watering the chickens and such.

When I say that barrell full of water I got my head to thinking.  I had just come from the hen house and saw Grandma's little baby chickens in there and I just knew they needed baptising.

I got me a basket, went to the hen house and filled it up with little baby chickens.  Took them over to the water barrell and dunked each one of them under and sayed my little prayer just like I had heard the preacher say.  Then I would lay them out on the ground in a row.  Needless to say I either dunked them too long or my prayer was a slight bit longer than the preachers cause just about all of her chickens went on to be in the great chicken coop in the sky. 

Now I didn't realize what had happened.  I sashayed on up to the back door and Grandma asked me what I had been up to.  I told her I had saved all her baby chickens by baptising them.  She like to have dropped Sunday Supper right there in the floor.  She took off out back and was able to save a few of them but not many.

At first she seemed really mad at me but then she said I had good intentions and she understood but it would be better if Granddaddy didn't find out.  Then she turned around before heading back to her supper and said in the most gentle voice, "Little Girl.  Stay out of my Chicken Barn.  There is a rooster in there that just might not want to go to heaven today."
This article was published on Friday 22 August, 2008.
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